I'm here to teach you how to

thrive in the good times

and fortify for the "bad times".

Because life is short and

you deserve to feel good.

Like: really really good

Starting now!

Living up to your greatest potential

is the best way for you to serve this world and those that you love!

You are not meant, nor ever were meant, to play less than you are.

I’m here to help your mind believe it, and to help you make the changes and develop the habits that will keep you on the path that is calling to you.

Pleased to e-meet you :)

Sometimes life is hard and sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming.

Sometimes you might feel "stuck" or find yourself

thinking you would be further along by now.

Sometimes you might need a reminder of what sparked you in the first place, and sometimes you might need a little help seeing the things that are holding you back (and the tools to propel you forward).

That's what I'm here for!

Let's start with my official credentials...


Degree from Brigham Young University


Degree from Tufts University


Years working with coaching clients

In addition to my “resume items”, I have a deep passion for learning and have immersed myself in numerous certifications and self-taught course work in the fields of spirituality, marketing, mindset, life coaching, parenting, grief & recovery, positive psychology, and inspired life design. 

My greatest joy and highest priority has always been my family and being a mother to my 4 amazing kids.  Prior to coaching, I spent time in business, tax preparation, seminary, nutrition, real estate, supplements, and various charity work.


Living a life that lights you up from the inside out!

One Filled With:

  • Confidence

  • Clarity

  • Direction

  • Motivation

  • Joy

  • Balance

  • Fulfillment

  • Gratitude

  • Purpose*

*This one gets an asterisk because you don't need to have a "purpose" to be able to live with purpose.

It’s time to stop holding back and start living the life you keep imagining. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Who am I?

My favorite way to answer this question would be  to invite you into my home, break bread with you (definitely sourdough) and sit and chat.  But until that can happen, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my core values with you.

My Core Values


Energy, positivity, passion, and a healthy dose of humor (and maybe a little intensity sprinkled in) - that’s my fuel for life. We all know that life can be hard, but having fun, enjoying the process, and being able to laugh is the key to the journey. 


Never stop improving, never stop growing.  Finding deep gratitude in what I have been given is a must, but staying open, curious, and continually looking for ways to progress and be better is what lights me up.


I love God.  It’s probably these 3 words that impacts and influences all the other parts of my life. It is my love of God that drives my desire to  want to be a good mother, a good wife, a good friend, a good citizen, and a good steward. We are all human and we all make mistakes, but I know that God fills in the gaps and can make all things possible.


Be brave. Be bold. Take action. Try the hard thing. Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Life is short, and the only “wrong” thing is doing “nothing”. We never want to become “stagnant” so moving forward, finding solutions, and taking action is how we try to live.


This happens to be my love language.  Being able to talk, ask questions, share ideas, voice concerns, and express myself openly  and feel understood are foundation pieces of what I value. And with that comes an increased desire to be on the receiving end. To be a better listener and grow in love, understanding, and unity. 


“My word is my bond.”  It’s as simple as that.  I take deep personal responsibility in making sure that who I am on the outside matches who I am on the inside. Honesty, commitment, fairness, and dependability are at the core of who I want to be. 

Everyone will experience

some sort of "hard".

There are very few things in life that are completely dependent on YOU.

But how you navigate through hard things is one of them.

Our "hard" came in the

form of cancer.

"The tumor was too big... they couldn't finish the colonoscopy."

These are the words that he said, and my brain couldn’t quite comprehend.

We fell in love when I was 19.  He was 23.

I was from Canada.

He was from Colorado.

We met at University in Utah.

My sweet husband Dan, my best friend and father to our 4 children came home from a scheduled colonoscopy, and told me that he had cancer.

A few days later we would find out that it was already stage 4.

The prognosis was deafening…18 months…maybe 2 years if we were lucky.

We fought hard …. I say we because it truly was team effort.

 I was his rock and he was mine.

Between the two of us, and with God by our side, we felt we would conquer the world.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t conquer cancer.

God gave us 4 incredible years together and in 2019 my life changed forever as I peacefully lost the better half of me.

So today I sit here. Thinking of all the pain and all the joy, and the hundreds of things that I have learned on this journey…and I hope to share every single one of them.

But for now, …for today…this message is simple…

you get ONE SHOT at life…make it AMAZING!

Cancer & loss brought with it so much pain,

so many tears and so much fear… 

...but it also brought so many

lessons-life-changing lessons.

My dad always used to say, “That which we don’t learn from wisdom, we learn from experience.”

From my experiences I have learned:

-The secret to facing ANY obstacle matter how big or small

-Skills that can increase capacity in all areas of your life

-Tools to improve your adaptability to any situation

-Some of the largest stumbling blocks to personal peace and happiness

-Habits that can keep you steady in a storm

-How to overcome fear and self-doubt

-Ways to move forward with confidence rather than falter in fear

And after all that was dialed in…

I discovered how to combine those efforts so that there would never be another challenge that I couldn’t face.

I finally found myself on the other side of fear and is the very sweetest place to land.

And best of all…

I’ve had the honor of helping

people like you do the same thing!


Through managing the mindset, setting goals, taking action and establishing patterns that propel you forward.

What I do I do?

I help people overcome the challenges that are keeping them stuck.

Whether it’s fear & uncertainty,  limiting thought patterns, self-doubt, playing small, or simply just bad habits that have stuck around too long...

I am passionate about helping people take action, get results, and  create the thriving life that want (and deserve.)

Through a series of one-on-one coaching, group coaching calls, webinars, emails, and worksheets I teach skills such as:


Goal Setting

Eliminating Self-Doubt

Habit Hacking

Building Resilience

Time Management

Managing Negativity

Overcoming Insecurities

Seeing my clients gain incredible confidence, harness the power of their mindset, establish powerful habits and achieve new levels of success is what lights me up!

I LOVE what I do!

In my spare time I am making sourdough, traveling, playing pickleball, and spending time with my favorite humans... including my sweet new husband (also named Daniel, and also from Colorado :)

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